Stahl ST Chain Hoist

  • The Stahl chain hoist load capacity range from 125 kg to 6,300 kg
  • Patented suspension directly on chain guide
  • Equipped with two hoisting speeds as standard
  • Extremely short and compact construction ensures that space can be utilised to the maximum
  • High standard classification in accordance with FEM
  • Modern Kanban production, available fast
  • Available as an option in explosion protected design complying with ATEX and IECEx

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Chain Drive

  • Innovative patented chain drive (DE 198 49 693 C2)
  • Anchorage and load-bearing components are directly integrated into the high-tensile grey cast iron
  • Simple inspection and replacement of the chain sprocket thanks to over-mounted shaft bearing
  • Enclosed self-lubricating chain guide
  • Reliable functioning even in demanding applications
  • Wear-resistant case-hardened chain sprocket in conjunction with optimised return sheaves;  ensuring low wear on the chain


  • High standard classification in accordance with FEM
  • Powerful motors with high duty cycle and number of switching operations
  • Standard fan cooling
  • Two hoisting and travel speeds as standard permitting the load to be positioned accurately
  • Single-speed and four-pole versions are available as options
  • Ptc thermistor temperature control


  • All customary connecting and control voltages are available
  • Plug connection of control pendant and travel motor
  • Clear arrangement of contactors
  • As an option, available with direct control
  • As an option, available without control pendant and/or contactor control


  • Low-maintenance, asbestos-free electromagnetic disc brake
  • Oversized braking torque
  • Long-lived, brake wear can be checked and measured
  • Safe in inching operation
  • Brake completely enclosed, protected from humidity, vapours and dusts from the exterior;  ensuring long-term reliable operation


  • Standard paint treatment as per RAL 6018 yellow-green and RAL 7021  greyish black
  • High-quality primer and top coats for standard applications
  • Off-standard paint treatment for outdoor use or corrosive ambient conditions
  • Shade as per customer’s requirement

Overload slipping clutch and gear

  • On the ST 10 – ST 60, the slipping clutch is situated in the oil-cooled gear
  • Easily adjustable from the exterior
  • Precise response
  • No electronic limiting necessary
  • Various gear reductions available
  • Innovative materials


  • Surface-hardened, galvanised and large dimensioned load chain
  • High case depth for long service life
  • High FEM classification
  • Stainless steel load chains are available as an option
  • Chain box
  • Large selection of chain boxes in plastic, sheet steel or textile
  • Available without chain box as an option

Chain box

  • Large selection of chain boxes in plastic, sheet steel or textile
  • Available without chain box as an option