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For more than 55 years in the Industry

The Coslee Difference With a huge range of products and years of experience in the pole industry, Coslee will assist you with your project no matter the size. Our focus is customer service, to ensure that all purchases are hassle free whether it be 1000 poles or 1 pole.

Banner Poles Melbourne

Melbourne businesses and organisations should take advantage of our range of professionally made banner poles. Perfect for exhibitions, streets, sporting …Read more

Camera Poles – Security Camera Poles

Do you want a security pole that provides height, durability, and superior surveillance? At Coslee we take the safety, security, and satisfaction of our customers very seriously. Read more

Circular Pipe Poles

The circular pipe lightpole is generally intended for one post top light fixture and lends itself to a classic and sophisticated design style. Architectural luminaires tend to have added flair to complement a typically slim and elegant round mast silhouette. Read more

Decorative Light Poles

Do you want a light pole that enhances the aesthetic design of your subdivision or construction project? Committed to providing superior pole solutions to our clients across Australia the team of fabricators. Read more

Impact Absorbing Poles

Uniquely constructed, this type of modified Frangible Street Lighting Pole has been engineered with the explicit intention of collapsing in progressive stages under impact so as to absorb energy from the collision. Read more

Mid Hinge Poles

have added flair to complement a typically slim and elegant round mast silhouette. Read more

Square Poles

Ideal for providing stable and balanced lighting solutions for our client’s needs Coslee’s expertly fabricated range of square poles deliver solid and uninterrupted lighting solutions. Read more

Slip Base Poles

An innovation in industrial design, this type of special purpose Street Lighting Pole addresses the universal problem of high-speed road accidents (over 60km/h) involving roadside..Read more

Tapered Octagonal Poles

Specifically designed to provide a stable platform for multiple lighting fixtures Coslee’s range of tapered octagonal poles excel at withstanding extreme winds and other weather conditions. Read more

Tapered Round Poles

The tapered round pole range is very similar to the tapered octagonal range, but gives a modern and stylish appearance when applied to commercial and architectural environments. Read more

Traffic Signal Poles

Specifically designed to comply with both Australian state and federal standards Coslee’s traffic signal pole options guarantee reliable and uninterrupted traffic management solutions. Read more

Street Light Poles

Street Lighting Poles Read more