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Welcome to Crane Systems Australia, your first choice in Australia for superior crane Crane Manufacturers solutions. As an utterly Australian-owned engineering firm, we specialised in designing, producing, installing, and servicing gantry cranes and hoists. With over 55 years in the business, we have established ourselves as leaders in turn-key projects, guaranteeing that your crane requirements will be precisely and dependably satisfied.

Crane Systems Australia Pty. Ltd. is a proudly Australian owned engineering company specialising in gantry crane manufacturing. We are dedicated to providing quality overhead crane systems as well as crane repairs and services to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and throughout Australia. As a certified partner of STAHL Crane Systems in Germany, Crane Systems Australia offers industries the most comprehensive range of hoist technology and overhead cranes. Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide based businesses in the construction and industrial sector will especially benefit from our range of high quality cranes coupled with excellent customer service. Superior quality overhead crane services and products available

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Cranes. Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide based crane businesses.


Your Reliable Crane Manufacturers in Australia

Crane Systems Australia is a reputable brand in the business and one of the leading crane manufacturers in Australia. We take pleasure in providing cutting-edge crane systems that are tailored to the particular requirements of enterprises in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and around the country.

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Quality Overhead Cranes Australia

In the bustling cities of Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide, where construction and industrial sectors thrive, the need for superior-quality cranes is paramount. Crane Systems Australia is here to meet that need with our comprehensive range of hoist technology and overhead cranes. We have earned our reputation as leaders in the field, ensuring that businesses receive nothing but the best in crane technology and customer service.

Why Choose Crane Systems Australia?

1. Australian Owned and Operated

We comprehend the particular needs and challenges businesses in Australia face as an engineering company with Australian ownership. Because we care about our home nation, we offer crane solutions specifically designed for the Australian market.


2.Over 55 Years of Industry Expertise

We have more than 55 years of expertise and perfected our abilities and understanding. Our commitment to excellence and innovation is evidenced by the fact that we have been active in the market for a very long time.


3.Specialists in Turn-Key Projects

At Crane Systems Australia, we offer full turn-key solutions and provide cranes. Every phase of your crane project, from conception and design through production, installation, and commissioning, is handled by us with accuracy and knowledge.


4.Specialised in STAHL Hoists and Gantry Crane Manufacturing

We take pride in our specialisation in STAHL hoists, known for their quality and reliability. Whether wire rope hoists or chain hoists, we offer the finest solutions. Our expertise also extends to gantry crane manufacturing, ensuring your business has access to top-of-the-line technology.

Comprehensive Crane Manufacturers Services

Crane Systems Australia manufactures, installs, and offers a wide range of crane services to maintain the longevity and best operation of your equipment. Our offerings consist of:

  • Preventive Maintenance

Our dedicated maintenance technicians are skilled in servicing all makes and models of hoists and cranes, regardless of their make or age. We keep your production running smoothly with 24-hour breakdown support for customers under maintenance service agreements.


  • Periodic Third-Party Inspections

Safety is paramount in the crane industry. We offer periodic third-party inspections to ensure your cranes comply with safety regulations and operate at their best.


  • Major Assessment & Overhaul

For cranes needing a significant overhaul, our experts are here to assess and refurbish your equipment, extending its lifespan and efficiency.


  • Crane Spare Parts

Our service vehicles have various spare parts to minimise downtime and keep your operations on track.


  • Crane Operator Training

Efficiency and safety go hand in hand. We provide thorough crane operator training programs to guarantee that your staff works the machinery safely and effectively.


Design, Manufacture, Installation & Commission

From the initial design phase to manufacturing, installation, and commissioning, we offer a complete Crane Manufacturers
service package to meet your crane needs from start to finish.

Elevate Your Business with Crane Systems : Your Go-To Crane Manufacturers Australia

We at Crane Systems Australia are your partners in success, not just crane manufacturers. We provide crane solutions that take your company to new heights thanks to our unrelenting dedication to quality, safety, and client satisfaction.


Are you willing to grow your business to new heights?

Contact us right away to discuss your crane requirements with us and have a unique solution made for you. It gives us great pleasure to serve as your go-to provider of crane goods and services here at Crane Systems Australia.

Periodic Third-party inspections

Crane Systems Australia not servicing your cranes, no problem we can complete your third party inspections.

AS 2500.1-2011 7.3.4 Periodic third-party inspections

“Each crane shall undergo a periodic third-party inspection to provide independent advice on whether the level of maintenance and repairs are in accordance with this standard.”

Periodic third-party inspections should be carried out as per AS2550.1-2001 Appendix F Table F1 based on operating hours per day and crane classification.

Major Assessment & Overhaul

Crane Systems Australia offers major inspection to assess the suitability for the continued safe operation.

  • Intervals of no more than 10 years on mechanical,
  • Intervals of no more than 25 years on structural.

Scope of Work:

  • Inspect the crane structures – bridges, end carriages and crab frames.
  • Specify and carry out any necessary Non-Destructive Testing required to qualify the fatigue condition of the structures.
  • Inspect the hoisting, traverse, and travel power & control electrics.
  • Specify NDT and the extent of replacement and repair to accommodate a specified further period of satisfactory service.
  • Provide instructions and reports.

Crane Spare Parts

For premium crane spare parts, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and surrounding business owners can get in contact with the experts at Crane Systems Australia.
In addition to providing new crane system installations, Crane Systems Australia also specialises in supplying our loyal customers throughout Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, crane spare parts. If you have an existing crane system – whether that’s a single gantry crane, overhead gantry crane, portal gantry crane, jib crane or monorail crane – we can deliver component replacements and crane spare parts to get your worksite running just like new.
Since Crane Systems Australia is a proud partner of STAHL Crane Systems, we provide a comprehensive range of STAHL part replacements and crane spare parts. Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Australia-wide worksites will appreciate our variety of parts and focus on customer service.

Crane Operator Training

When purchase a new crane system for your worksite, it is beneficial to train your staff how to properly operate a crane. At Crane Systems Australia we know that correct crane operator training is a vial means of controlling risk, that’s why we offer current and prospective operators in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide with crane operator training.

Ensuring you have an in-depth knowledge of how to safely operate our products is a key part of our crane operator training. Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide trainees will receive extensive instructions for utilising cranes in a safe and efficient manner.

Design, Manufacture, Installation & Commission

Crane Systems Australia’s current team is made up of Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, professional drafts people, qualified electricians, qualified fitters, qualified boilermakers and qualified welders. In addition to our professional team we also have the growing support of our partners in Stahl cranes systems in Germany.

No job is too big or too small for Crane Systems Australia to handle. Based in Victoria, Crane System Australia is proud to be designing and manufacturing in Australia. Our facility allows the manufacture of crane beams up to 60m long and capacity of up to 160 tonne.

Crane Systems Australia has the expertise to design, draft, manufacture, install, commission and service your hoist and crane needs from start to finish.

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