Crane Operator Training

When purchase a new crane system for your worksite, it is beneficial to train your staff how to properly operate a crane. At Crane Systems Australia we know that correct crane operator training is a vial means of controlling risk, that’s why we offer current and prospective operators in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide with crane operator training.

Ensuring you have an in-depth knowledge of how to safely operate our products is a key part of our crane operator training. Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide trainees will receive extensive instructions for utilising cranes in a safe and efficient manner.

Crane Operator Training in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide

As a proud partner of STAHL Crane Systems, Melbourne-based Crane Systems Australia provides our customers with professional crane operator training in the full range of STAHL models. This includes comprehensive guidelines for our single-girder, double-girder, monorail, overhead, jib and gantry cranes, along with wire rope hoists and chain hoists.

Through our training modules, you’ll be equipped with the essential knowledge and skills needed to be an exceptional crane operator. We’ll guarantee you have a thorough understanding of the load capacity range for each model, electronic motor and brake management system.

We are renowned for providing extensive training to crane operators throughout Australia, from Melbourne to Sydney and Adelaide. Our crane operator training is task specific and competency based in the operation of bridge or gantry cranes, sling selection, lifting techniques and directing a crane operator.

For top quality crane operator training, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and surrounding locals can get in contact with Crane Systems Australia. Once your newly purchased crane has been installed in your facility, one of our specialists will provide on-site crane operator training for your Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide team. Providing safe training for multiple team members or a single key team member will ensure that you get the most efficient usage out of your crane.

For more information about our crane operator training, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide locals can call us today on +61 3 9091 0350 or speak to a friendly staff member when purchasing their crane.

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Routine maintenance weeks121212128844
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