STAHL Chain Hoists

The construction industry has relied on the durability and strength of chain hoists to lift or lower heavy loads for decades. Crane Systems Australia provide a broad range of chain hoists, including electric chain hoists, to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and across the country.

Chain Hoists in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide

At Crane Systems we pride ourselves on stocking top-of-the-line chain hoists for customers in the industrial and construction sectors. We supply the STAHL range of chain hoists, which are internationally renowned and highly regarded for their performance quality. Suitable for multiple purposes throughout worksites in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, chain hoists are capable of lifting heavy loads up to 6300kg, and depending on the selected model, offer a level of power that is highly beneficial on any industrial worksite.

If you are looking for a top quality chain hoist, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Australia-wide clients can get in contact with us today.

How does a chain hoist work?

Whether you opt for a manual or electric chain hoist, you can guarantee that we carry the right product for your worksite in Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide. Chain hoists, whether manual or electric, have two defining characteristics; the lifting medium (i.e. the chain), and the pulley, which when attached to the chain helps to lift or lower the heavy load.

In order to raise a heavy load to an elevated level, the chain needs to be pulled. As the chain is pulled, the larger part of the pulley takes in a greater amount of chain than the smaller component of the pulley can, which in turn facilitates the lifting procedure.

Electric Chain Hoist

If you require a safe way to lift a heavy load for your construction site in Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide, electric chain hoists are a fantastic choice. Electric hoists are ideal for a myriad of industrial or construction applications, and offer a range of features that can lift and lower heavy loads with ease.

With the ability to quickly and safely load up to 6300kg depending on your selected model, you won’t be disappointed with the functions of an electric hoist. Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide-based customers can also benefit from our additional services when purchasing a hoist – we deliver, install and transport your electric hoist straight to your site. For a premium electric chain hoist, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney locals know we’re the best in the business.

A proud partner of Stahl Crane Systems, our range of manual and electric chain hoists for sale are value-for-money investments for your industrial or production facilities.

As a proud partner of STAHL Crane Systems, we offer only the best range of hoists for sale. Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide customers will receive great value for their money when investing in one of our hoists for their industrial or production facilities.

Hoist for Sale in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide

At Crane Systems you’ll be able to explore our extensive collection of hoists for sale. Your Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide worksite won’t be complete without one of our high quality manual or electric chain hoists.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with ongoing hoists for sale, so Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide customers can invest in a chain hoist at an affordable price. If you’re interested to learn more about our products and sales, download the brochures and give us a call on +61 3 9091 0350 to place an order. Does your business or project need a quality manual or electric hoist? For sale at amazing prices, click through to our range now!

Stahl SC Chain Hoist

  • Stahl innovative chain hoist programme for the S.W.L. range from 63 kg to 2,500 kg
  • Robust metal housing
  • Short, compact construction designed with straight lines
  • Chain guide in spheroidal graphite cast iron
  • Patented 5-pocket chain sprocket (EP 2 047 141 B1)
  • New design of the direct acting load limiter (slipping clutch)
  • High standard classification to FEM
  • Integrated hoist limit switch
  • Wider temperature range from – 20 °C to + 50 °C

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Stahl ST Chain Hoist

  • The Stahl chain hoist load capacity range from 125 kg to 6,300 kg
  • Patented suspension directly on chain guide
  • Equipped with two hoisting speeds as standard
  • Extremely short and compact construction ensures that space can be utilised to the maximum
  • High standard classification in accordance with FEM
  • Modern Kanban production, available fast
  • Available as an option in explosion protected design complying with ATEX and IECEx

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Stahl Explosion Protection

  • Patented suspension directly on the chain guide
  • The most comprehensive explosion-protected chain hoist programme for the load capacity range from 125 kg to 6,300 kg
  • Maximum utilisation of space thanks to the extremely short and compact headroom dimensions
  • Standard classification in accordance with FEM

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