STAHL Wire Rope Hoists

Commonly used for large scale factories and construction or industrial worksites throughout Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, wire rope hoists are able to lift and load a large amount of weight.

Available in the premium STAHL range with an electric function, wire rope hoists have the capacity to lift and lower loads of up to 160 tonnes. If you want to update your worksite in Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide, a rope hoist is an essential addition that will make lifting heavy loads an ease.

How does a rope hoist work?

These hoists are typically comprised of a rope made of wire, and pulleys or sheaves that are essentially a pulley with a grooved rim to accommodate the wired rope.

A rope hoist operates in a similar fashion to the chain hoist, except it is much stronger, which means you’ll will be able to lift and lower heavy loads much faster with a wire rope hoist. Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide industrial and construction worksites will profit from the agility and strength of a rope hoist.

Make lifting and moving heavy weights at your manufacturing plant, factory or industrial worksite less of a chore, while creating a much safer workplace for all employees. Do you want to invest in a rope hoist for a Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide worksite? Browse through our selection of STAHL hoists and give Crane Systems Australia a call on +61 3 9091 0350 to place your order with us.

Wire Rope Hoist

Electric powered wire rope hoist systems are a functional addition to any industrial facility or worksite where heavy-lifting is needed. Many production or construction industries based in Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide, use wire rope hoists to do the job.

We have a range of products to suit your needed maximum load capacity and other specifications. Rope hoist models include:

– Stahl SH Wire Rope Hoist
– Stahl AS7 Wire Rope Hoist
– Stahl SW Winch

Rope Hoist in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide

At Crane Systems Australia also offers you complete STAHL Explosion Protection with your purchase. An adjunct apparatus for your wire rope hoist that provides condition monitoring within an explosion protected design, and can give you full confidence and peace of mind at your worksite – along with helping you meet industry standards and regulations. For specialists in high quality engineering products including wire rope hoists, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide customers can call Crane Systems Australia.

Wire Rope Hoist in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide

When it comes to quality rope hoist systems, parts and related services, Crane Systems Australia has the catalogue, expertise and product range to match your needs. Now you can improve efficiency at your worksite in Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide with wire rope hoist installations at your industrial facility – call us today on +61 3 9091 0350.

Stahl SH Wire Rope Hoist

  • Stahl wire rope hoist in 5 frame sizes, 26 load capacity variants
  • Stationary design or different trolleys and crabs for cranes and systems manufacture
  • U-shape makes for compact dimensions
  • Largely maintenance-free, low wear, service life
  • Equipped as standard with two hoisting and travel speeds
  • Particularly smooth starting and braking characteristics
  • Standard high-quality safety components for increased safety at work
  • Optionally available in explosion- protected design in compliance with ATEX and IECEx

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Stahl AS7 Wire Rope Hoist

  • Stahl has two designs for load capacities up to 125,000 kg
  • Innovative drive technology with cylindrical rotor motor with monodisc spring-loaded brake
  • Stationary model or double rail crab for systems and crane manufacture
  • Compact construction and low approach dimensions
  • Higher load capacity, hoisting speed and lifting height as twin hoist
  • Largely maintenance-free, low wear, long service life in acc. with FEM
  • Optionally available in explosion- protected design complying with ATEX and IECEx

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Stahl SW Winch

  • Stahl has two frame sizes, SW10 and SW16
  • Load capacity of 25,000 kg to 160,000 kg
  • Four FEM classifications available
  • Largely maintenance-free, low wear, long service life
  • Compact construction and short approach dimensions
  • Powerful hoist motors for great heights of lift
  • Equipped as standard with a condition monitoring unit
  • Slightly angled return sheaves
  • Optionally available in ESR design (extended speed range) with up to 1.7 times hoisting speed at partial load

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Stahl Explosion Protection

  • Patented suspension directly on the chain guide
  • The most comprehensive explosion-protected chain hoist programme for the load capacity range from 125 kg to 6,300 kg
  • Maximum utilisation of space thanks to the extremely short and compact headroom dimensions
  • Standard classification in accordance with FEM

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