Portal Gantry Cranes

Semi-Portal Gantry Crane

Portal Gantry Crane

Available in a double or single girder version, portal gantry cranes are a diverse option for many worksites. We carry both double and single girder gantry cranes for Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide-based customers.

The single girder ranges from 1 to 50 tonne capacity, while the double girder version ranges from 5 to 160 tonne capacity. Its duties range from M3 to M6. Pictured is a double box girder gantry with the hoist crab unit running on rails attached to the top flange. Support columns are attached to the bridge structure to enable the crane to run along ground tracks. Catering for spans up to 40 metres, the portal gantry crane is available with single or double hoists, pendant or radio control and inverter motor drives.

Portal Gantry cranes can help you advance your construction business in Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide. Gantry cranes are an affordable way to increase efficiency on your worksite, which makes them a great long term investment. For a top quality gantry crane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney businesses rely on Crane Systems for experts in heavy lifting.

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